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Asset Management – Not Worth The Expense!!

Asset Management – Not worth the expense!!

Seriously, sadly and incredibly, I have heard this comment whispered in corridors and boardrooms of major companies – in recent years!

Fortunately, the whispers appear to come from rather uneducated and naive (from an asset perspective) ‘corners’. ‘Corners’ that perceive their own positions, opinions and subsequent credibility would be threatened should any positive outcome eventuate. This may seem a little harsh however in some cases appropriate. These ‘corners’ need to reflect on their egos and the impact they subsequently impose on the company that is financing them or they recognise the need to become more actively engaged in learning to become more asset refined for the benefits of not only themselves but also their Employers.

Many publically available studies and documents continue to substantiate the countless lives saved, the unmeasured and measured non-events and the billions of dollars redirected to the company coffers, in the past twenty years alone. The benefits and criticality of a robust asset management strategy, plan and implementation are obvious and essential to not only survivability but also a company’s tangible and often underappreciated intangible value.

Apologies for stating the simply obvious – Common sense dictates if you can’t measure it how on earth can you manage it.

There are countless articles in mainstream media, many highly educated and experienced professionals and thankfully quite a number of astute managers whom realise the significant benefits available from CONTINUAL asset management in a dynamic, increasingly competitive, ever changing world.

Worth a thought. Think back to three years ago. Were you focused on the same issues as you are today? The answer invariably, is obviously no. Surely then, a fresh consideration to your current asset status is warranted to ensure all areas are operating as optimally as is possible – today.

With technology advancing at such an increasingly rapid rate it is well recognised the difficulty required to actively maintain this pace and yet swiftly apply to our company’s assets.

Quite a few Executives have expressed to me how difficult it is to balance business as usual activities and research the effectiveness of the latest practices and technologies let alone then implementing them into the business. Realistically and importantly, these BAU activities limit your time to assess how new technology and asset performance management / measurement can actually improve and contribute to your bottom line.

Although this article was written with the primary aim to invoke your thinking in relation to your own company asset perspective and how it is developing in todays ‘throw it away and get a new one mentality’ (or run to failure methodology) it is evident options are actually available to assist where possible.

In order to improve the value of your asset management both tangibly and intangibly, in today’s environment, with minimal impact on BAU, please get in touch with me.

With a WIN / WIN available, you have nothing to lose and swift, dramatic insightful options to gain.

Darren Stone.
Article 1 / 29-3-16