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Asset Excellence Integrates New Hardware Capabilities To Service Offerings!!

Asset Excellence Integrates new hardware capabilities to service offerings!!

In the background have been some major developments that will be announced in detail very soon!!

Asset Excellence will be one of the very few selected Australian Companies to be the first in Australia to offer services using the – long awaited – Finally here – all new – Yuneec H520 Hexcopter!!…/camera-drones/h520/overview.html

This machine along with its superb camera suites offer unparalleled aerial footage – Together with an increased level of safety!!

Asset Excellence is now excited to offer Thermal Imaging and low light footage in combination with our CASA authorised night flying allowances – as well as all other types of footage requirements!!

Whilst carrying out projects for various Clients, restrictions and inefficiencies in the aquistition of data and the overall picture of the clients situation has been identified as an area that should be enhanced.

Subsequently, Asset Excellence now has an in house, enhanced capability of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).

Thisl provides our Clients with a more succinct and relevant overall picture of physical assets in a more efficient manner.

With safety and privacy being paramount, together with providing you, our Client, the most cost effective and thorough manner of assessing your situation, you can be rest assured of a more relevant and sustainable outcome.

Please contact for information on how we can add increased value to your assets.