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New Service Launched – Implementation Of UAV Capability Into YOUR Business

New Service Launched – Implementation of UAV capability into YOUR Business

Recently we have been performing trial aircraft inspections for an Australian Airline. As a result of these trials we have developed a structured approach for assessing and implementing whole of life RPAS capabilities into organisations.

In quite a number of cases, there is more value in businesses having RPAS capability in house as opposed to reaching out to a third party operator.

ISO 55000 defines Asset Management as the “Co-ordinated activity of an organisation to realise value from assets”. In turn, Assets are defined as follows: “An asset is an item, thing or entity that has the potential or actual value to an organisation”. (The IAM)

As a business owning numerous large high value assets that require inspecting and maintaining on a regular basis, you may find the introduction and ongoing employment of RPAS operations, may in fact realise significantly increased value from your current assets.

Asset Excellence is in a unique position in Australia whereby we have the experience, knowledge and the combined business credentials of RPAS operations as well as our customised yet focused Consultancy service in Asset Management.

Please don’t hesitate to contact to discuss further if you would like to determine the ideal outcome for your business in relation to the new world of RPAS and how it can add value to your assets.