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Aerial UAV Operations
Aerial UAV Operations

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Asset Management Services
Asset Management Services

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Optimised tangible asset management business processes that deliver sustainable solutions:

Asset Excellence work hard to provide value adding robust solutions for your assets and processes.

Asset Excellence offer a range of services to help you achieve a dramatic competitive advantage. A surgical strike, into areas capable of contributing to your bottom line.

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Professional Endorsement

Manufacturing in Australia recently has been under considerable pressure leading to the demise of many manufacturers.

Jord Bellows manufacture niche products that support mining, utilities and oil and gas industries worldwide.

As part of our program to ensure our product availability, quality and servicing reliability, we worked with Darren Stone from Asset excellence in order to introduce a robust structured scheduled and preventative maintenance program.

We were thrilled when Darren went beyond our expectations by designing and implementing the entire program in a timely and highly customized manner with the ability to absorb continued market growth and changes.

We appreciated Darren's listening skills, designing the program to suit our wide scope of needs and budgetary constraints.

The well structured asset life optimisation program has given us a realistic confidence of the life extension of our highly customized assets whilst allowing for maximum availability for production.

Dealing solely with Darren allowed for a consistent, time efficient, highly customized process providing for the initiation of the program with minimal impact on discretionary time and importantly allowing for flexibility to account for the business needs.

This allowed my maximum focus to still be applied to ‘business as usual’ activities.

To say this program was well worth the investment is certainly an understatement.

Steve Francis
Managing Director, Jord Bellows
Rating: 5