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Why use Asset Excellence?

Asset ​Excellence consults with unlimited industries Inc. but not limited to: Aviation, Building, Government, Health, Mining, Oil + Gas, Telco, Utilities

Asset Excellence offer a range of services designed to minimise intrusion and disruption in assessing the required areas. Followed by collaborating with you to design a range of solutions. Finally the implementation, embedding of the jointly developed solutions and follow up within an agreed timeframe.

Asset Excellence acknowledges it is your business and is not about re-inventing it. Asset Excellence will work with you to understand your culture and people, yet still provide the asset driven outcomes and solutions required to value add to your business.

Asset Excellence recognises it’s about being safe, compliant and getting the required value from your assets whilst maintaining engagement of your people that will excel your business.​​

Asset Excellence will partner with you to focus on benchmarks in asset management thus ensuring a competitive advantage.

Asset Excellence focuses on maximising value from your physical asset – while balancing cost. in other words; Value adding!

Asset Excellence collaborates with you to ensure customised asset management plan development and optimisation – supporting asset life cycle strategies.

It is well recognised, premium companies minimise wastage in all areas; this includes manpower.
​Each person performs a critical function as part of keeping the business ‘ticking over’ each day.
Consequently, time is rarely available to assess and identify opportunities to leverage leading maintenance practices and improve maintenance performance efficiencies

– Darren Stone