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Flight Assess

CASA Certified – Credibility Assured
​Fully Licensed – Fully Insured
​​​Safety + Privacy are Priority

With nearly 30 years Professional Operational experience in the aviation industry, both Military and Civilian environments and Rotary and Fixed wing Aircraft.

​Flight Assess provides Substantial Quality, No Fuss, Keep It Simple, Safe and Fully Customisable Service.

​We are relying on your repeat business and referrals for our survival…..Therefore, YOUR satisfaction and the value added to your business / project is the primary outcome desired.

CASA Company ARN: 1020125
​CASA Operators Cert: CASA ReOC 6064

Examples of Flight Assess Services

Traditional service values utilising
next generation technology

Genuine references are available upon request – Rather than clutter and bore you with many testimonials, our credibility exists via repeat clients and genuine contacts.

Flight Assess is located in North Brisbane and are available for travel!
One of the ONLY RPAS operators in Australia authorised to perform approved Airline Aircraft inspections!

We aim to provide you with a straight forward yet effective service including an uncomplicated pricing plan to ensure complete transparency – whilst still allowing for a customised and value driven solution.

The Drones and equipment in use at Flight Assess have been widely recognised as the market leaders in many sectors for safety, innovation, quality including the wide variety of functions they have the proven capacity to perform.
There are many quality operators in the Australian market and Flight Assess are amongst them.
We won’t self claim to be the best however we will be the best for you ensuring our clients themselves make these claims
Flight Assess is also available to sub contract to support other operators.
Flight Assess recognise every clients needs are different therefore, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a customised quote to ensure your individual needs
​​Your Repeat business is paramount

Clients have requested us to increase our capabilites – DONE!

As we have grown to accomodate a wider variety of requests from our clients due to this ever evolving technology, we have found situations where there are no viable products available – especially at a respectable price point.

With the recent release of Yuneecs new H520 platform and assoicated camera payloads, at a reasonable pricepoint, we have been able to integrate this into our service offerings. We have done this with minimal impact on our value adding prices.

Where no suitable products have been available – we have developed our own and will begin offering these services and products in the very near future.